Jennifer Couture

Jennifer Couture

Operations Manager

About Me

Couture has acquired and been acknowledged for a number of abilities during the course of her career in company development, operations, and management. Her expertise in social media marketing, for example, has helped her succeed in her own company initiatives.

She has also worked hard to establish successful teams and led them to success over her years of expertise. She possesses exceptional public relations, customer service, and strategic planning abilities. She has worked with new company development, determining when and how to launch, operate, and expand firms successfully.

Her background is mostly in the luxury sector, particularly in the fields of plastic surgery and hairstyling. Her salons have traditionally supplied customers with superb luxury accommodations.

Jennifer has a lot of hobbies, but much of her time away from work involves spending time with her three children and two grandkids. She also owns and cares for her two horses. She is also a talented pianist who has been playing since she was seven years old. She is a talented artist who likes experimenting with different materials and expressing herself via abstract paintings. She also enjoys reading and claims that her creative flame is rekindled after her trips.

Jennifer Couture has a long and illustrious career, but she is most pleased of the success of her hair salons. She envisioned and achieved her goal of owning and operating salons for over 20 years. Through her apprentice program, she has trained over 30 aspiring stylists throughout the years. She was and is recognized for altering and updating women’s look to enhance their beauty.

Couture has volunteered her time and creativity in a number of humanitarian activities in and around Lee County throughout the years. One of the most memorable experiences she's had is donating a free makeover to various deserving charities, such as abuse counseling and treatment (ACT) programs, to women all throughout the county.

Jennifer would frequently ask her clients for the names of others they knew who were having financial difficulties, and she would supply them with gratis services such as a free makeover.

Jennifer has a sensitive heart, and people who know her praise her for her warmth, giving, and kindness. She enjoys taking care of people. Her personality is both captivating and reassuring. She is the sort of person who would go to great lengths to assist another person. Her genuine concern for people is evident in her efforts and labor on a daily basis.